Unlike many authors, my writing journey didn't begin with a fiery love for books at six. I couldn’t read English at six…or seven or eight. When I moved back to the UK after 3 years in Saudi Arabia, I was in year 4 and at the very bottom of the academic food chain. Two years later, my teacher asked to hold onto my creative writing book as an example of exceptional work and never gave it back (still pretty heartbroken about that). Back then it would've been impossible for me to imagine that I would ever be fluent in English enough to get my BA in English Literature with Philosophy and MA in Arabic Literature. 


But throughout my journey, one thing never changed. I’ve always loved living in my head, inside stories created by my overactive imagination. But stories don’t belong in our heads, hidden away from the world. It’s taken me years to reach this point, but I’m now ready to share them with you all. They are the fruits of hard work and imagination and I hope you love them as much as I do.  

I currently live in the Gulf with my husband and little girl where I spend most of my time blogging, writing fiction and working on breaking into the traditional publishing and self-publishing industries.