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Die Computer, DIE!

Updated: Nov 16, 2017

Let's take a moment today to hate on technology. I'm sure you're wondering "now what could have possibly happened to provoke this sudden outburst? Is she hormonal?"

Yes I am.

But don't you just hate it when people use the hormone argument to discredit what you're saying? Hormonal women still retain their mental capabilities people.

For something that is meant to be so 'smart', technology (particularly the internet and my laptop)  can be so stupid. I could have injured my finger clicking incessantly on the genre filter on the Agent Hunter (AH) website today; which  decided to die and go to Valhala. (Vikings reference for you there. Yes, I watch a lot of Netflix).

Moving on....the situation was so stupid, because without the genre filter AH is basically a very very long list of agents, and no human has the sanity or time to go through them all. Plus, I was already a bit irritable because prior to this, the keyword search was also a bit funny and there weren't nearly enough filters available for the publishing houses section of AH. All of these factors meant that I couldn't do the research I had planned for today.

Some of you might be asking, 'well Alwia, did you try logging in again?'; because my husband always says this to me when our router acts up. And I know it takes a few seconds to do this, but for some reason I have an irrational fear that if I log out, something bad is going happen or maybe I won't be able to log back in.  It's like that message I get when I'm attaching a file on hotmail: would you like to upload it to the cloud?' Hell no, and where in the world is this 'cloud'. Who wants to store their important files on a cloud? Would you want your mum on this 'cloud'? Of course not. It sounds very unsafe. The creators of the cloud really should have thought of a better name. It makes me very uneasy when that option pops up.  

 If I'm sounding a bit paranoid to you, let me tell you this: I did log out and the unimaginable happened- the AH website wouldn't let me log back in. So you see, technology can be so very stupid (our word for today is stupid).

I've also discovered that my uneasiness around technology extends to other writers and individuals in the industry. It's actually quite funny but on AH the agent profiles tell you if they have a social media presence or have twitter accounts or blogs. You will be amazed at the number of agents who don't have twitter accounts or generally have no  information available about them in the public realm. I admit, realizing this made me feel a bit smug, because I thought I was really bad with staying on top of the latest social media advances. But now I guess I'm not as bad as I thought.

Whatever happened to the days of parchments and feather quills? Someone needs to bring that stuff back into fashion. Because nothing is more reliable than a pen and paper...until your  ink runs out that is.


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