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Girls, you don't want to be sexy, believe me 18+

'Hey there sexy...'

Now before you start blushing, let me tell you something about sexiness that'll probably get you feeling a little flushed...but not for the reasons you're thinking.

A highly unscientific perspective on the evolution of 'the sexy'

Long ago, in the land of cavemen, finding an ideal mate was a confusing and disorientating task. Until one lone man discovered 'the butt' and 'the breasts'. The butt and breasts made him feel good, they made him feel like a man. He discovered that the larger the butt and breasts of a woman, the happier he was and the more enjoyable mating was. He couldn't contain his excitement and told all his friends. That night, the cavemen huddled together around a fire. They watched a woman pass by and uttered that unforgettable word.

The men nodded together and said, 'Sexy...'

Thus, the very concept of sexiness came into existence.

Moral of the story?

The word sexy relates to sex- surprise, surprise. So when a man calls a woman sexy he is basically saying he finds her sexually desirable. It means he'd want to penetrate you (if he could). Now, I don't know what sicko sold us the idea that it's flattering for random men to say they'd like to to penetrate us. Or that, as women, we should yearn to be the objects of sexual desire for men.

Now of course, of course, I'm all for being sexy in certain situations. But man! If you think about it, being sexy in public is so weird. Sexy things have the potential of turning men on, right? Hence lingerie. So imagine going on the tube, looking sexy as hell and the men look at you and go hard.

Do you want to turn on random guys on the tube?

You know, old guys, flabby guys, teenaged boys with pimples. Here they are, all staring at you wondering what it would be like to be inside you.

So gross. How is this flattering? Yet, the media has totally brainwashed us into thinking this is a sign of a powerful female.

But a woman's power is not in her sexuality. It's in the way she impacts the world. A powerful female is my mum, who pushed out 6 kids, raised them without any support in a foreign country while also completing her degree and Masters. It's bad enough that men objectify us, we shouldn't objectify ourselves too. And more importantly, having men ogle at our bodies is not the kind of attention we should enjoy, want or accept.

It gets even worse for public figures. I've always wanted to ask women like Kim Kardashian or Nicki Minaj how they feel about the fact that probably a lot of boys masturbate to their pictures.

There! I said it.

Understandably, some men will do that anyway, to anyone or anything. But still, why would you take pride in being a sex icon? Good-looking people are either born that way or are rich enough to change the way they look. It's not an achievement. It doesn't make you better or worse than other women.

So you're 'hot'. So what? What has that sexuality done for the world, other than pleasure men who really don't deserve that honour?

Ladies, we are so much more than our bodies. But if we ourselves don't believe this, we can't expect men to either.

Some food for thought for this week's post. See you all next Tuesday!

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