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I Will NOT be a Hermit this Year

I had loads of resolutions in 2018- all of which had to do with developing my writing career. I achieved most of them, which is great and all that, but it came at the expense of other aspects of my life, especially my mental health. So this year, I think it's time for me to refocus my time and energy on all the other aspects of life that I've been neglecting. These are the 2019 promises I'm making to myself.


- Wallow in things I cannot control and behave like anxious, old lady with nervous disposition. I am not Arab Mrs Bennet.

- Allow my writer Impostor Syndrome get the better of me. My writing is not worse than dinosaur erotica and people enjoy reading that.

- Hide in the dark depths of my little writer's cave like sad and lonely hermit and allow life to pass me by.

- Make excuses for being anti-social.

- Consume delicious but sweet and greasy food things, only to bemoan my stupidity and lack of will power later.


- Communicate with 1 friend or 1 family member per day. Chatting to mother for all those days does not count.

- Get involved in social gatherings at least twice a week.

- Form deep connections with real people, not imaginary characters in my head.

- Exercise on a regular basis whilst also develop an authentic love for my jiggly bits.

-Take charge of my own happiness and dump all negativity inside a journal. Not on husband.

- Be more patient with Meemee. She's a smart three-year-old, not boisterous and rebellious teenager. Also, must remember that poos unintentionally dropped in unfortunate locations may stink but can be cleaned nonetheless.

- Educate myself on Islam through extensive reading and find ways out of spiritual slump.

- Complete lovey-dovey Muslim contemporary romance novel.

- Publish something. Anything really...

- Do one thing out of my comfort zone- excluding bungee jumping and other risk-filled activities.

And of course:

- Continue blogging.

And that sums-up my New Year resolutions! I think they're doable...I think. In any case, now that they're on the internet, the pressure is on to follow through with them. Have you made any resolutions for 2019? Comment below! Also, if you guys have any ideas for cool blog posts, let me know.

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