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Pregnancy isn't contagious, or is it? Things I never thought I would experience during pregnancy

Updated: Nov 15, 2017

1- Never having to feel self conscious about a large tummy.

In fact, the bigger it gets, the cuter you look. It's brilliant.

2- Being too heavy for your own arms.

Sleeping on your sides is a nightmare. Having all that weight concentrated on one narrow area strains your shoulders and numbs your arms . And what makes things more annoying is the fact that pregnant women are recommended to sleep on their sides because sleeping on your back can restrict blood flow to the baby. So basically you can't sleep.

3- Pulling and straining weird pelvic ligaments you never knew even existed.

4- The strange entertainment you get from watching your belly button slowly transform itself into an outie.

This is cool but I have no justification for why I think it is.  It just is.

5- Feeling and sometimes looking like this:

Babies are such parasites. In fact the Arabic word for child 'tifl', means parasite.

6-Pregnancy isn't contagious, or is it?

I recently counted 6 births in September, plus two other births from the last two months.  Then there's two births due in the next couple of weeks, and another two due after a few months. And let's not forget Kim Kardashian. Somehow when you're pregnant, EVERYONE is pregnant.

7- Walking like you've been kicked between your legs and sitting like a man

Having something  between your legs is not easy. Men must find it very inconvenient.

8- Weird skin pigmentation and shedding.

Expect dark patches and then slowly shedding those dark patches. It's nasty.

9- The power. THE POWER!

I always knew pregnant women get some well deserved special treatment. But watching people disperse to make room for your magnificence on the bus and tube is one of the most satisfying things you can experience.

10- Saying goodbye to dieting

And bring on the cheese cake! I  mean you don't want to overdo it, but the guilt-free splurges are an unexpected perk.

11- The love-hate relationship you have with your baby's movements

Imagine being kicked in the gut. It's not nice. But when your baby does it, somehow it's the most precious thing ever and you want them to do it again.

12- Thinking stuff like: 'was that my ovary, a kidney or my bladder she just touched?', whenever your baby kicks you in an awkward place.

Seriously. You can actually feel your organs being touched from the inside sometimes.

13-Not knowing where your organs are anymore.

Was that cramp in my stomach, gut or womb? You can never actually tell. As the baby grows, your organs get pushed upwards and things then become very confusing. Very confusing.


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