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The War to Discredit Successful Muslim Women

It's official ladies, if you wear a hijab and want to have a successful career, you must have no political opinions.

'Why' you ask?

I give you Exhibit A

American-Iranian fashion blogger Hoda Katebi was recently told she didn't 'sound American' after criticizing US foreign policy and drawing attention to some dark facts regarding American history. The poor woman was sitting there ready to talk about her book and work only to be bombarded with questions about Iran and nuclear weapons. Now if you think that doesn't sound ridiculous, imagine a white non-Muslim fashion blogger suddenly being asked to give her opinion on political issues.

Presenter: You're a blue blood American aren't you?

Lucy: Yes I am. *Holds up her book and smiles to the camera.*

Presenter: Most people in the world would argue that the US cannot be trusted. What is your opinion on that?'

Lucy: Emmm.

Presenter: Also, what is your opinion on the the two nuclear bombs that were, you know, actually dropped on Japan? The ones that burned alive countless innocent men, women and children.

Lucy: I believe our Government did what it had to do...'

Presenter: You don't sound like an ethical and intelligent human being.

Lucy: That's because I don't read.

Exhibit B

Mennel Ibtessim is a French-Syrian ex-the Voice contestant. Initially, everyone was in awe of her angelic voice until tweets written by her surfaced referring to the French Government as the real terrorists and implying some kind of conspiracy in the wake of the Nice terrorist attack.

I know, what a disgusting bitch.

The French Far Right: How dare she call the French Government a terrorist. How dare she view the Government with some suspicion. Our great country's history is steeped in colonialism, war and bloodshed. If you don't agree with all of our racist political stances you must be a radical Muslim.

Regular human: But..radical Muslims are against women wearing turbans and singing. They'd hate her. Like really hate her. Probably view her as a Westernized infidel. Do you not even know anything about Islamist ideology and mannerisms?

The French Far Right: No I don't but let's kick her off of the show anyway.

Regular human: But why?

The French Far Right: We just don't like headscarves.

The crazy thing about this particular example is the fact that Mennel's tweets were from 2016.

Wait...what? Like from two years ago?

Yup, for some reason people only felt the need to 'dig-up dirt' on the only Muslim hijabi contestant. Mennel was accused of sympathizing with terrorists and forced to leave the show. Her pro-Palestine beliefs also did not go down too well.

Which brings us to...

Exhibit C- Amena Khan (UK)

Amena Khan, a British model and beauty blogger was forced to drop out of the L'Oreal campaign she was part of when, surprise surprise, a little birdie exposed her anti-Israel tweets from 2014.

I know what you're thinking. 'So, she criticized Israel. So what? Most human rights organisations do. They hardly have the best record.'

Yet somehow, if you criticize Israel that makes you an intolerant, mean person and anti-Semitic.

How so very convenient for the Israeli Government.

Israeli rep *Bombs Gaza, murders many innocents women and children.*

Normal Human: Shiiit, Israel is killing innocent people and building illegal settlements. I mean the UN says tha-

Israel rep: Ha! There you go. She's antisemitic and intolerant. Just look at her. She even eats cheese. Pure evil. Radical Muslim. Radical, radical, radical.

Normal Human: So the UN and all these human rights organisations are also radical?

Israel rep: Everyone who doesn't like us is radical. Just look how cute we are. We'd never hurt anyone...

But seriously, why all this hate for Muslim women. Is this a war on radicalism or a war on Muslim women? I thought we were 'oppressed' and needed the West to save us. But instead, we receive hate, discrimination and suspicion. Criticizing a country, even your own country, is not a sign of disloyalty or radicalism, rather it is a sign of a functioning brain and healthy mind. No Government should receive unconditional support and love from its citizens. Politicians are here to serve the people and when they mess up, it is our duty to say so. The US, UK, French and Israeli governments have acted unethically in the past and still do. This is an unfortunate reality. And as responsible citizens, it is our duty to not... well, kiss the arses of politicians. We all love our countries, but this does not mean we should turn a blind eyes to any shortcomings.

And it is the duty of politicians and important figures to at least try to educate themselves. Despite claiming to fight Islamist terrorism, so many people have no understanding of Islamist ideology. Accusing someone like Mennel of sympathizing with terrorists is an example of this selective stupidity. A Wikipedia article on Islamism would have been enough to help these far right idiots in the media distinguish between a political opinion and a religious and ideological stance.

If people think these kinds of women are their enemy, it's very clear that they don't know who their enemy really is. And maybe, just maybe, it's in the interest of someone else to keep things that way.


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