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Your guide to radicalizing your friends

Updated: Nov 15, 2017

Do you have that one friend that’s just so freaking moderate? Does their neutrality frustrate you? If so, this is your guide to making a fundamentalist out of the most diplomatic individuals.

1-Left or right?

Which way do you want to go? There are different types of radicals but they all use the same strategies. Are you going for an Isis sort of feel or maybe something more Trump-esque? Pick your poison and prepare your darts.

2- The world is a cruel and dark place-show it.

Yes, this is the time to lose your hope in humanity.  If you have any chance of convincing anyone of your world view, you must destroy all the other competing alternatives.  Show your friends the failures of the current political and economic systems. Democracies are built on lies and blood. Capitalism serves the rich only. The banks are corrupt. Politicians are hypocritical. These governments can’t be trusted. You get where this is going? Throw in some articles, videos and wiki leak documents and you’re good to go.

3-Give them a history lesson.

Thankfully, there are a lot of skeletons in the closets of most Western and Eastern regimes. Use this to your advantage. Ask telling questions like:

Do you know who helped Saddam Hussein into power?

Do you know how many people died in this or that war?

Who do you think used the only nuclear bomb in the world?

These current systems are corrupt. Use historical details to spark anger and mistrust.

4- Make em scared, really scared.

Take a few lessons from Trump on this one.  Fear-mongering is definitely the way to go.  Keep a close eye on the news and be ready to inflate and dramatize small irrelevant events.

5-Find a scapegoat. No not that type of goat...

Everyone likes a scapegoat.  Pick one as they make it easier to focus one’s hatred and anger. Scapegoats are good too because they distract from the real problem which is –you and all your shortcomings.

6- Information is a double-edged sword

Give your target just enough information to convince them of your ideas. Too much and you risk exposing the weaknesses in your arguments.

7-Segregate and separate

Isolate your victim as much as possible. You want to limit their exposure to other ideas and thoughts.

8- Is your victim scared, angry and full of hate?

If so, now is the time to feed them your ideology.  Show them how your world view is so much better than anything else available.  Your ideology holds all the solutions. Convince them of this using religious or secular narratives. Use big words like ’truth’, ‘hope’, ‘freedom’, God’, ‘heaven’. Show them that they have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

9- Congrats! You now have a new member in your radical party.

Take a moment to thank all our incompetent governments for disenchanting our youth and making this process so much easier.


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