The Tressians 

On the island of Tressia, freedom is reserved for one group only- those with curly hair.


For nineteen-year-old censorship-clerk Estelle, doing the right thing has always been a priority; and in 2440 Tressia, the ‘right thing’ is hating the Avanders.  Estelle is an Elriyan, a member of the curly- haired, supremacist community enslaving the straight-haired Avander population.  Hating is easy when you know who the bad guys are. But this all changes one day when a foreign straight-haired fugitive mistakes Estelle for her dead mother and secretly slips into her pocket a mysterious vial.

Suddenly, Estelle finds herself torn between curiosity and suspicion, love and hate.  Within her hands is a weapon that could end or set fire to the centuries-old apartheid tearing Tressia apart. But the question is: when you’re the unexpected villain in your own story, who can you possibly trust? 


As her mistakes keep mounting, Estelle must find the strength to confront her community’s lies, her own bigotry and decide which side of the conflict to join. She’s determined to do the right thing. But this time, doing the right thing could cost her more than she ever bargained for – the lives of her father and best friend Nayt, who just might be the love of her life.